Daily Observations


I’ve not really gotten out much the last couple of days as I have been busy with other things.

Weather: Tuesday there were periods of rain with the sun shining through between. Today it was mostly clear with a breeze blowing in from the water this afternoon. Snow was down on Gavan Hill both of the last two days, but it was a little lower this morning. Probably it was down close to 1500 feet.

Birds: The hummingbirds are back. I heard the first one for me today, but others reported them as early as Sunday. Undoubtedly they are taking advantage of the early blueberry flowers that have opened up all over.

I was told about a pair of dippers along the flume (just up from where it re-enters Indian River) that looked like they were working on a nest. It sounded like they were only seen on Saturday and not after that, so they might not end up staying there, especially if they are easily disturbed (it was right near the trail).

Gulls continue to hang out in large numbers along Totem Park beach taking advantage of the herring eggs there.

I heard several Varied Thrushes singing behind the house this evening. They sounded scattered through the woods toward Indian River.

Flora: Things are definitely starting to grow. Salmonberry flowers may be open in the warmest exposures, but where I’ve looked, they are just showing a little bit of the pink petals. Elderberry, sweet-cicely, dock, and some other things are all showing noticable growth.

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