Daily Observations

Between birding class Friday and outings yesterday and today to count birds for the Great Backyard Bird Count, I’ve done a fair amount of birding since the last update. With access to a car, we went out to both ends of the road today, but I didn’t venture far from the road. Weather: It was … Read more

17 February Photos: Swan Lake Birds

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These photos were all taken at Swan Lake. Several of the pictures are of the same gull. When the description includes an (A) or (B) after the name of the species, that indicates which photos are of the same individual.

Horned Puffins in the Channel

Last Sunday a Horned Puffin was reported from Middle Channel not too far from Rose Rock. This was a pretty good sighting, as puffins are not commonly seen this close to town any time of year. Even in the summer when puffins are fairly easy to find out in the sound, the vast majority of … Read more

Daily Observations

I had not really planned on going anywhere today, but after I received a message this afternoon that there was a Horned Puffin in the channel, I decided to go take a look. I did not figure I had time to kayak over, so I biked across the bridge and spent some time watching the … Read more