Daily Observations

The promise of a nice day with calm winds and relatively warm temperatures lured me out on the water to take a little kayak trip. I stayed out for a little while, but the thickening of the fog kept me close to shore. While I was paddling, since visibility was limited anyway, I tried paddling … Read more

Daily Observations

Weather: Overcast and breezy Sunday with more overcast and rain/mist on Monday. Today it was partly cloudy in the morning, but for the better part of the day, the fog was settled over town. A couple of students climbed up Mt. Kincaid Saturday and were able to get above the clouds, I suspect the same … Read more

Scaup Identification Question

One last bird question for tonight. When I first saw this scaup, I thought the shape of the head looked like a Greater Scaup (much more broadly rounded than I associate with Lesser Scaups). However, when it flapped its wings, I saw the white did not extend out on to its primaries. In this case, … Read more

Redpoll Identification

While going through photos from last November, I took a closer look at some of the first pictures I took of redpolls. I noticed that there was at least one bird that seemed quite a bit paler than the other birds I saw at the time (and also the ones I have seen since). I … Read more