Daily Notes

It is definitely harder to get out and see what’s going on with school in session. It did not help this morning that I was feeling like I might be getting sick. I woke up around 6:30am and stayed awake until about 7am, but decided it would be better to go back to sleep to help fight off the illness.

Skies were mostly clear this morning and it looked like there was a pretty good frost. Through the morning, clouds built up over the mountains, but over town and the near shore area it remained mostly clear. I did seem some clouds and haze far off-shore. Wind was calm this morning, but by noon there was a breeze out of the south near the spruce tree and west on campus. I suspect the topography makes the wind seem to come predominately out of the south at the tree. The tree is on a slope that faces south.

I saw a couple of Fox Sparrows in the salmonberry thicket near the old path to Kelly Street. These are the first Fox Sparrows I have seen this year, there will probably be more coming in the next few days and weeks. I left some sunflower seeds and a few peanuts out on the ground in the clearing south of the spruce tree a few days ago, but so far nothing has eaten them. I wonder how long it will take for them to be discovered by the birds or a squirrel.

I have been trying to pay attention to how the deer scat ages. There are quite a few different piles of it in the old garden area, but I did not notice any that looked fresh today.

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