Daily Observations

Flying Shorebirds

It was a very busy day today. I took time between meeting with a student and my one class today to get out on a quick walk through the park. The rest of the day was spent in class or meeting with students. While out I was only able to take a couple of pictures of flying shorebirds. As it turned out, this would have been a good day to carry the recording equipment, if I would have had time to use it anyway.

Weather: Overcast throughout the day. There were light sprinkles occasionally during the day and it started raining this evening. Winds seemed calm this morning until I got down towards the end of the park where there was a breeze blowing out of the southeast. It seems pretty clear that southeast winds do not blow across campus very strong.

Birds: The shorebirds are in. I did not see any close up, but there were a number of small flocks flying about the tideflats (see above).

There were at least 10 Green-winged Teal at the mouth of Indian River.

The most interesting bird observations were probably those that I did not see. In particular I heard a call that was reminiscent of the first part of a Bald Eagle’s multi-note call, but without the stacatto rhythm, strident tone, or trailing notes at the end. I have no idea what bird made it (even after listening to both CDs of “Bird Songs of Alaska”). There was a raven calling from the same direction, but if it was that raven, it was making a call I’ve never heard a raven make before.

I also heard a bird singing in the woods that I think was a Brown Creeper, but I am not positive about that.

Flora: There a couple of salmonberry blooms that have finally opened. When we have our next stretch of sunny days, there will probably be lots more that come out.

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