Daily Observations (from Yesterday)

Flying Gulls

Last night I had community band and went past Swan Lake at dusk. I saw a few mallards, and a group of what looked like Ring-necked Ducks or Scaups with heads tucked under wings. On my way home, well after dark, I saw mallards that appeared to be active. I also saw a strange duck that looked like it was standing on top of the ice. The problem was the temperature was not below freezing, so there should not have been any ice. As I got a little closer, I realized that what I had intially taken to be a duck was a Great Blue Heron standing in the water. In the dim light, the body was visible, but its neck and head were not so apparent.

In the early afternoon, I watched the gulls flying toward town. I am pretty sure their ultimate destination was one of the beaches where the herring had spawned; most likely north of town. The herring still have not spawned in Crescent Bay. I guess it remains to be seen whether they will this year or not.

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