Afternoon Walk

Crows Today was a day to get ready for the resumption of classes tomorrow (I’m not sure how regularly I will be able to post when classes are going, but I’ll try for at least once a day). This afternoon I needed to go to my office, so I decided to take a little bit … Read more

Dark-eyed Juncos

Singing Dark-eyed Junco (Junco hyemalis) The Dark-eyed Juncos that have been spending the winter in our neighborhood seem to have started their dispersal. Over the last couple of winters I have observed fairly large flocks of juncos spending time in the neighborhood. They show up in the fall and make the rounds of the neighborhood. … Read more

Morning Observations

Weather: Contrary to the forecast, skies were clear this morning. As the morning went on, the clouds started moving in from the South and Southeast. Temperatures were in the lower mid-30s when I went out, but there was little bit of evidence that there had been a light frost. There was a light breeze out … Read more