Winter and Spring

With warm weather like we have been having the last couple of days, it’s easy to forget that it was less than a week ago that we were experiencing record setting cold. On a day like this, I walk out expecting to see signs of spring everywhere with nary a sign of winter long past. … Read more


It was mostly overcast throughout the day, but the sun started poking out in the late afternoon. Temperatures were in the 40s throughout the day, though it is now down to 38F according to the thermometer in our carport. I went for a walk this evening. There was nice light filtering through the broken overcast. … Read more

Little Things

Pixie Cup Lichen (Cladonia sp.) I find this a good time of year to go out and take a look at the little things. The light is coming back and the temperatures are warmer, but the larger vascular plants have yet to obscure the little things with their towering structures of stem and leaf. I … Read more