Starrigavan Crepuscular Rays

Today’s weather was brought to us by a low pressure center that had moved south along coastal BC. At least if I understand what the forecast discussion was saying, we were getting a bit of the wrap around with clouds coming from the east. This made for relatively warm and dry weather, though there was a bit of a sprinkle this afternoon, at least. This evening after visiting Marge for the first time in a while I was able to get some pictures of what I thought was interesting light out at Starrigavan.

This afternoon I visited with someone who had offered to get me lunch to thank me for helping out reviewing the natural history elements of some writing he had done that was set in Sitka. He encouraged me to consider putting together a proposal for writing a non-fiction (natural history related) book. While I have written plenty over the years (on this weblog at the very least), I am not sure how I could/would tie it into something reasonably coherent and interesting enough to be worth putting in a book. I’ll think about it and see if I come up with anything that seems compelling to me, though. In any case, I appreciated the encouragement.

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