WR: Night Thirty-nine

Another quiet night weather-wise. Despite the good listening conditions throughout the night, I did not pick up much on the recording. There was a distant Western Screech-Owl near 7am that I was barely able to pick out from the almost as distant raven calls. A raven gave a brief croak around 2:30am, perhaps an interesting dream? The first morning bird of the day was a Bald Eagle just before 6:30, the Ravens were next about 10 minutes later.

Mystery Call: I have no idea what made this noise.
Download Mystery Call

Songbird Chirps: Context seems to be fairly important for identification at times. I’m pretty sure these are chirps from a Dark-eyed Junco right outside the window. I know it’s a small song bird, but without being able to see the bird, I’m not positive about the id. Normally such chirps would alert me and I would look to see the bird. Most likely, even a quick flash would be enough to id it at that point, but without more context, I’m not confident in the id with just the sounds.
Download Songbird Chirps

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