Early Spring, Winter Gray

Looking at the forecast for the weekend and early next week, I was surprised to see temperatures are predicted to drop as low as 20F on Monday night (not quite that low on Sunday night).

Fortunately, it’s been a fairly cool late winter, so berry bushes are not really blooming much yet. Buds have started to break open in places at low elevations, so hopefully the cold isn’t enough to kill them back and make for a poor berry crop.

Occasional drizzle with mid-level overcast was the order of the day. I made a trip to the grocery store with a drive out to Starrigavan as a side trip. I ended up with a dead battery, so after getting jumped went out to Silver Bay to look as well. I saw someone who had been a student in the middle school Tlingit class I helped with several years ago. He and his brother were getting ready to fish – said they were just going to cast out and see what they might catch (they were parked at the larger pull out).

Temperatures apparently dropped into the evening, as a wintry mix (with a fair amount of snow) was falling late this evening.

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