Sunset at Sage Beach

Temperatures overnight were not as cold as forecast, just a bit below freezing, probably due to persistent cloud cover. It’s unlikely the moderation will continue tonight, as the clouds cleared throughout the day and there were just a few scattered clouds as the sun was setting this evening.

The 7:30pm sunset with snow on the mountains certainly signaled spring, but while I was out this evening, the air was cold and getting colder. Out on the water I could see the waves, and I was happy to be sheltered location.

I did spend a few minutes sitting on the porch this afternoon enjoying the warmth of the sun. I could almost forget the air temperature, except gusts were moving things around enough for me to experience the chill on my skin through my clothes.

While out I heard a Song Sparrow in the salmonberry thicket – it’s getting late enough that I wonder if it’s a resident bird. I can’t remember when the banded migrant Song Sparrows disappeared – it might be a little bit later yet.

There were also juncos about, I heard what sounded like a couple of them maybe alarming at something not too far away, though I couldn’t quite tell where they were calling from (I think where I was sitting by my house, and the closest neighbor’s house can make it a little more difficult to track directionality of sound sometimes).

Connor noticed a banded junco today. We’re wondering if it might stick around to nest. There have been juncos singing like they’re on territory, and the foraging flocks have dispersed.

A Pacific Wren sang from east of the house, something it’s been doing regularly of late, so I wonder if it will nest in the neighborhood.

As I write this shortly before bed, it looks like there could be some auroras visible tonight, but with a subpar night of sleep last night, and an 8:30am call in the morning, I’m not feeling inspired to brave the cold and wind to see.

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