Sandy Beach Waves

Yesterday ended up with over an inch of rain. However, today it let up, and the clouds thinned out a bit as the day went on.

This afternoon I headed out into mostly cloudy skies with patchy sun breaking through.

I got a report of 20+ Pine Grosbeaks over near SEARHC, but wasn’t able to get out right away, and didn’t find them on a couple of drive throughs. Apparently they were favoring the crabapple trees along Seward Drive. (On my first trip, I did see the magpie along the side of the road.)

I needed to go to Sea Mart and made a stop by Sandy Beach while I was out that way. There were several surfers taking advantage of the break with the tide up and a decent swell coming in.

I spent a few minutes taking pictures of the breaking waves before the sun dropped behind a bank of clouds.

After I came out from grocery shopping, I could some color in the clouds and in places on the mountains where the sun had broken through.

More photos to come

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