GBBC Effort

After class and a call that took up my morning, I spent a chunk of the afternoon birding (from the car) with Kitty for the Great Backyard Bird Count.

We went out to Starrgiavan and checked the various pullouts along Halibut Point Road on our return. We didn’t see anything unexpected.

After parting ways, I drove down Lincoln Street to see the progress on the harbor. I happened to notice a heron perched on the top of the SJ smoke stack, and thought it might make for an interesting photo with Verstovia in the background.

The heron was mostly looking away from me, but did turn its head to look in other directions occasionally. Something in the direction of Hillcrest Drive seemed to catch its attention, and after a couple of minutes, it flew off in that direction.

Winds and water were calmer today (less surf at Sandy Beach, anyway). Temperatures were in the upper 30s, and snow was well down on the mountains.

Swan Lake is still over 95% ice-covered. The inflow of Wrinkleneck Creek has expanded a bit (hosting a handful of Ring-necked Ducks), as has the outflow, but otherwise, the ice remains.

My iNaturalist Observations for Today

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