Harbor Watching

Yesterday was wet throughout the day. Over 2.1 inches fell at the airport, enough to break the old record for the day (set in 2013) by nearly an inch.

Today I had an MMO shift scheduled to start at 7:30am, so was up fairly early (by my recent standards). The forecast had called for partly cloudy conditions, so I made sure to be up early enough to scrape any frost.

It was overcast when I got up, but must have been more clear earlier, as some ice had formed on surfaces that weren’t vertical (my side windows hadn’t frozen at all, but the front window had a thin layer of ice).

At the harbor, on the my initial walk around, the walkways were quite slippery in places, so I had to take care.

I hoped I might see the sun come from behind the mountains, but the cloud layer was continuous enough to prevent that.

During my shift, a large barge came in – took some tight manuevering, and it was interesting to observe them bring it in through the harbor mouth.

I showed up a second shift in the first part of the afternoon, but it turned out to be quite short, as they had wrapped up the in-water work, and were starting to do other things.

At that time the sun was peaking out a bit, but the clouds never really broke up very much.

Since my shift was so short, I took a drive out to Starrigavan (where snow has melted substatially, but there is still more on the ground than around town).

The tide was up, and I did spot a Gadwall that’s been reported there this winter, my first of the year.

Around midday, Connor let me know he could hear Pine Grosbeaks in the neighborhood. I was on a call and couldn’t follow up – perhaps they will still be around tomorrow.

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