Sitka Nature Show #136 – Kitty LaBounty

Download Radio Show The July 23rd show featured a conversation with returning guest Kitty LaBounty, on this show we talked about learning the plants of the Sitka area (and a course she is teaching at the Sitka Arts and Science Festival). In last half of the show, Kitty shared about her work on the GLORIA … Read more

Verstovia Trail

There was a nice mix of moths attracted to the porch light over night. None of them were new, but I decided it might be a good idea to document them (to get a better idea of when they fly). The pictures were not great, so I just left them as iNaturalist observations instead of … Read more

Sitka Nature Show #135 – Derek Sikes

Download Radio Show The July 9th show featured a conversation with Derek Sikes, curator of insects at the Museum of the North. We talked about his work collecting (and maintaining collections) from around the state for the museum, how much there remains to be learned about insects in Alaska, and how non-specialists can contribute to … Read more