Lincoln Street Shore

With a little bit of snow and ice on the ground, prospects were limited for upland observations. However, Rowan had noticed a strange sounding insect earlier in the day down near the Science Center. Although she had picked it off the sidewalk and put it in the grass, I had a little hope she might be able to refind it.

She and I walked down after lunch, and spent a little time looking. Based on her description, I was able to determine it was most likely a Scaphinotus  ground beetle larva. We did not end up finding it, and she continued into the park, while I went down to the shoreline rocks.

With the sun out and minimal wind, it was pleasant along the shoreline. There are many lichens and bryophytes that inhabit the splash zone and just above it, so I spent some time looking and photographing.

By the time Rowan was returning from around the park, I had made it only a very short distance down the shoreline. After talking to me briefly, she continued home. I ended up spending the better part of another hour in that small area before heading home myself.

When I was nearing home, I was struck by the fresh snow on Verstovia. Through my binoculars, I could see tracks in the snow below Picnic Rock, and was thinking that it would be nice to spend some time up there. Not that I would expect to see many species this time of year, but it’s there is stunning scenery to be seen. Of course it helps to be in decent condition (as it’s a strenuous hike), and when I can spend nearly 2 hours travelling only a few meters, that doesn’t lend itself to increases in strength and conditioning.

My iNaturalist Observations for Today

(more photos to come)

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