Month in Review

Since today is the last day of January, I thought I would look through the observations I recorded during the month. It’s been a somewhat slow month, weather and work kept me from getting out too much. Mostly I’ve been in the central downtown area with a couple of trips out the road (where I … Read more

Owl Quest

This week on the nature connection mentoring call series I participate on we were challenged to imagine ourselves as a particular animal that we have good reason to believe is around but rarely (if ever) actually see. See/feel in our minds what we are doing as that animal in the process of its daily routines. … Read more


I first noticed this wind throw on the slopes of Mt. Kincaid a few years back. It’s a sizable patch of trees, and I think it will be interesting to watch over the coming years. I wonder if I will still be around by the time it’s grown back to the point where it is … Read more

Wind Sculpted Snow

Strong winds blew through last night. I hadn’t heard the forecast, but while walking downtown last evening definitely noticed how strong the wind was blowing. By the time I walked back home some time later, it was quite calm. I heard today that there were actually snow wheels at SJ where the wet snow had been blown by the snow and accumulated into wheel shapes as they rolled across the surface.

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