Birds on the Water

Overcast and rain (changing to snow this evening) were the order of the day – though unlike many days this winter, there was little wind. I had the chance to do a little birding on the water. The trip was a loop out through Western Channel, over to Cape Burunof, a brief look in Pirate’s Cove and Sandy Bay, then back to town. Of particular note were the good numbers of White-winged Scoters – 65+ in Western Channel and another 170+ in front of Sandy Cove. There were also 3 or 4 Horned Grebes in Pirate’s Cove. I can’t remember for sure, but those may be the first I’ve seen this year. One of the many Common Murres along the path was well into its summer plumage. If it hadn’t been raining pretty constantly, I probably would have tried to take some pictures along the way, but as it was, nothing really seemed compelling enough to make it worth digging everything out.

It was interesting to see the progress they’ve made in expanding the runway. A lot of rock has gone in already, and they’re still moving more of it into place everyday.

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