Ice on the Water

Last February after a cool calm night, I took a morning walk to Totem Park and was interested to find that most of Crescent Bay was covered in ice. Salt water is supposed to freeze at 26F, and overnight lows probably got a little bit below that, but it was hardly frigid. Temperatures on other … Read more

16 December Photos: Verstovia Mountain Hike

This entry is part 217 of 221 in the series 2007 Photojournal

Today was the Christmas Bird Count and I made my fourth trek up Verstovia and down into Indian River. Day’s summary copied from weekly summary: It was Christmas Bird Count day, so I hiked up Mt. Verstovia to Peak 2550, down into the bowl and finally into Indian River Valley. Weather: Light snow was falling … Read more

Daily Observations

Sunday: I had a basketball game and stopped by Swan Lake on my way there, but did not spend much time outside otherwise. Weather: Temperatures were warmer. There was water on the surface of the ice at Swan Lake, but the lake was still pretty much entirely iced over. Birds: Mallards and the Cackling Goose … Read more

Hybrid Gulls?

I took this picture last February at Swan Lake. Currently, my best guess is that this is a hybrid gull, possibly Glaucous-winged x American Herring Gull, or a somewhat odd (to my eyes) Thayer’s Gull. I eliminate pure Glaucous-winged Gull because of the very dark on the primaries. I eliminate pure Herring Gull due to … Read more

Bohemian Waxwings

Rowan and I were riding down Biorka Street and approaching the intersection with Park Street when I heard a chirring call that sounded familiar. It took me a moment to locate the birds crossing the street above and in front of me to land in the top of a spruce tree. The light and angle … Read more