More on the (late) Fall Warbler(s)

This afternoon I was able to observe the mystery warbler again several times, and was also able to get some better photos. In addition, I discovered there was a second warbler, this one far more yellow than the first. Though the warblers did not remain together in an exceptionally close association, they did seem to … Read more

24 November Photos: Backyard Birds

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I spent a fair amount of time watching (for) a couple of warblers that were hanging around the neighborhood. I took pictures of them and the Dark-eyed Juncos that frequent the area. In particular, I got a few photos of a junco with unusually light coloring to its feathers.

Mystery Warbler

Update: I was able to get additional photos this afternoon. I have added them, plus additional comments, in a second post. Yesterday my son told me he saw an Orange-crowned Warbler (well, I think it was some other color crown, but he still has a little trouble keeping all the names he is learning straight) … Read more