Unidentified Raptor

Given the poor quality of the photos, this may be a hopeless cause. I figured it was worth a shot though. At worst, maybe I can narrow the possibilities down a little bit and learn something in the process. The two photos I got were both blurry and from some distance, but they do give … Read more

Recent Birds of Interest

In the last few days, I have seen three different birds that are not commonly seen around Sitka during the winter. Tuesday I saw a female Northern Pintail at Swan Lake. Later in the week I saw one at Starrigavan which is probably the same one that had been at Swan Lake. Also on Tuesday … Read more

Daily Observations

I made a trip out to Starrigavan late this morning in hopes of getting some decent photos of the Black Oystercatchers that have been out there recently. There were not many people there when I showed up, but by the time I left a little over an hour later, there were quite a few more … Read more