Daily Observations

North Sister

Weather: Overcast and breezy Sunday with more overcast and rain/mist on Monday. Today it was partly cloudy in the morning, but for the better part of the day, the fog was settled over town. A couple of students climbed up Mt. Kincaid Saturday and were able to get above the clouds, I suspect the same could have been done today after the fog settled in.

Birds: The American Wigeon and Ring-necked Ducks were still at Swan Lake Sunday. I’m not sure if there were two wigeons or not.

Today we went out to Starrigavan and saw the swans. There were plenty of Mallards as well. The tide was up fairly high and on the ocean side, I saw a Surf Scoter feeding fairly close to shore with several goldeneyes. There was a Kingfisher on a branch over Starrigavan Creek intently looking into the water for something to eat.

I noticed a bird nest in the salmonberry bushes just outside the upper entrance to the library this afternoon.

Other Notes: The days are starting to get noticably longer. I realized yesterday that it was still light at 4:30pm.

I’ve noticed a few different places where it seems like mosses have been growing larger (more widespread, is probably more accurate) in the last couple of months. There are also many mosses that are sending up sporophytes. I’m not sure how they avoid damage from freezing when they do this.

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