Whispering to Raven

A mixed flock of small song birds was foraging at the edge of the forest in Totem Park today. When they reached a clearing where a totem pole is located, some of them perched briefly on the pole. It looked to me like this Townsend’s Warbler was whispering to Raven.

Daily Observations

Took a couple of trips down to Totem Park today to take advantage of brighter skies. Weather: A little bit of light rain and mist today, but there were also some significant spots of blue sky and sun. Winds were light out of the west this afternoon. Birds: I took advantage of the brighter drier … Read more

Daily Observations

I spent about 4 very soggy hours down at Totem Park taking pictures. My intention was to take pictures of hummingbirds in the fireweed and shorebirds at high tide along the beach between the river and the battle site bench, but I ended up spending a fair amount of time trying to find what shelter … Read more

Recent Observations

Flora: Many umbels are blooming, as are the fireweed and yarrow.  Most other plants are pretty much done blooming. The red huckleberries are ripe, though they are not all that abundant. The deer heart are starting to die back. I saw some ripe raspberries on Etolin Street.  We have one raspberry getting ripe in the backyard. … Read more

Daily Observations

I had one tour this morning and went for a walk to Totem Park this evening.  The tour was a Captain’s Choice, and we stopped at the Nadezhda Islands in Krestof Sound and returned through Nawkwasina Passage. Weather:  Overcast with some light rain.  This evening there were a few breaks in the clouds, but I … Read more

Humpback Whale Breaching

Today while on tour, we had the pleasure of watching a humpback whale breach multiple times over a relatively short period of time.  We had seen the whale near the entrance to Redoubt Bay and watched it there for a few minutes before moving south to view some Sea Otters at Fragrance Island.  While we were watching it the first time, it was behaving in a manner that seems typical for … Read more