Daily Observations

Heron Takes off Under Crescent Moon

After steady rain all day, Melissa and I walked home this evening and enjoyed the sun shining on the hills in the distance.

Weather: There was steady rain throughout most of the morning and afternoon, but the clouds broke this evening.

Birds: We have been leaving peanuts out for a neighborhood Steller’s Jay. Today I had some for it, and watched as it would pick one up and fly off with it before coming back for another one. When I could see where it landed, it was clear that the bird was hiding the peanuts. At least once I saw it pick up a previously hidden peanut and rehide it elsewhere.

On our walk home this evening, we stopped near the Crescent Harbor boat ramp to look at the sunshine across the bay. While we were there, I noticed a heron in a tree near the crescent moon. I took some pictures of it and managed to snap the one shown with today’s entry as it took off after being spooked by a large flock of crows that had been gathering in the trees nearby.

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