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Wandering Tattler

I got out on a short kayak trip with Scott Harris this morning. We started out from Sage Beach, went down to the mouth of Indian River. After nosing up into the river, we crossed over to go around Twin Island and through the Gillmore Islands before heading back. This afternoon we went on a boat ride with the Nuttings up to the head of Silver Bay.

Weather: This morning when we started out kayaking, there was little wind. After visiting the river, we found there was a light breeze out of the south. When we headed out this afternoon, the wind seemed to be blowing a bit harder, but it was quite calm in Silver Bay. On our way back, the wind had died down somewhat. We went through a little bit of rain on the boat ride, but other than a couple of other short periods of light mist, there was no rain today.

Late last night I went down to my office to turn the light out (I had left it on earlier in the day) and I heard several birds chirping. I could not tell for sure whether they were in the trees or flying overhead, but I think they were in the trees. It seemed pretty late for birds to be calling (it was after 10:30 pm, well after dark). Melissa heard more again tonight when she was out briefly.

On the kayak trip, I saw a larger shorebird fly toward the mouth of Indian River. It looked about the size of a Yellowlegs, but I do not think it had the white tail, so it may have been something else. There were a couple of Black Turnstones near the mouth of the river, and it looked like a few more up in the estuary.

There were lots of gulls at the park. We also saw one Black-legged Kittiwake. At first I was thinking it was a Mew Gull, but it seemed a little odd. Still, I would have probably just figured it was a Mew Gull until I saw the black legs when it took off.

Out on the islands we saw a couple of Wandering Tattlers and 4 or 5 Spotted Sandpipers. These were the first Wandering Tattlers
I have seen, and one of them was kind enough to allow me to approach for a photo.

The jay(s?) and flicker(s?) have been around the neighborhood again today. I was able to give a Steller’s Jay several peanuts. It would take them and hide them various places. I don’t know if it will remember where they all are, I kind of doubt it. I tossed a few peanuts to it and was getting it to come fairly close to me to grab them before it was time to go for the boat ride.

Apparently while I was kayaking, Rowan spotted a couple of woodpeckers (she was walking downtown with Connor and my mom), from the description, I think they were probably Red-breasted Sapsuckers.

There was a fair sized flock of geese flying south this afternoon.

Other Notes:
When we were getting back close to Sage Beach a sea lion came up behind us. It was a fair distance away, but they definitely seem a little larger when you are in the water with them.

In the backyard I observed what I think were probably too slugs mating. They went around in circles for the few minutes I watched them.

The mushrooms are coming out more each day. The Amanitas in particular are looking quite showy.

Amanita muscaria

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