Daily Observations


Today was another full day without much time to get outside and look around.

Weather: The day was overcast with rain and snow. The snow even started sticking to the ground in some places, though never accumulated to any significant degree.

Birds: The winter wren was actively singing again this morning.

Other Notes: My wife and I had lunch downtown with some friends. I had a meeting, so I walked down there to meet them. On the way, I saw 3 sealions in Crescent Harbor. They came halfway out of the water a couple of times, but I did not get over to take a picture soon enough to catch that. It looked like they were eating chunks of fish; perhaps someone had tossed some pieces overboard, or maybe they just caught some fish in the harbor. I watched them for a couple of minutes and then they swam out toward the harbor entrance and I continued into town.

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