Daily Observations

It was a busy day and I have felt like I am fighting off a cold, so I did not spend too much time outside today. Weather: It was light before six this morning, but I think the first time I looked out the window was a little after six. The skies were clear and … Read more

Golden-crowned Kinglets

Golden-crowned Kinglet Golden-crowned kinglets are pretty common, but they tend to spend a lot of time in the canopies of the conifers, so they can be difficult to get a good look at. I occasionally see them down lower (on a couple of occasions even on the ground) but even when that occurs and I … Read more

Daily Observations

Weather: Winds were out of the north today. By the afternoon there was a fairly steady breeze. Partly cloudy skies with big cumulus clouds hanging over many of the mountains. It appeared that many of the clouds dropped precipitation over the mountains, but it stayed sunny in town. Flora: Red alder catkins appear to be … Read more

Morning Observations

Winter Wren Singing (mp3) The day dawned clear and cool. There was frost on the ground and very little breeze; what there was came out of the North and was enough to cause my exhaled breath to drift, but even the lightest branches were not moving discernably. The Northern Flicker was back this morning before … Read more

Daily Observations

Weather: Once again it was another day without significant rain. It varied from partly to mostly cloudy throughout the day. I am not sure how warm it got, but I think it may have hit 50. There was not a heavy frost this morning, though it’s possible there was a light frost in places. Winds … Read more