Wood Duck Drake

Yesterday’s most unusual sighting of a previously unreported bird was definitely the Wood Duck seen by F. Tomkins. After a couple tries today, it was refound and I was able to get a photo in the fading light. For those in Sitka, it was seen yesterday and again today on the slow deeper water immediately upstream of where the flume is diverted from Indian River. There have also been up to 7 Mallards and 5 Green-wing Teals. The Wood Duck seems to spend some time hiding back up almost under the cut banks, so it is not always easy to see.

Before I left today, all the ducks were flushed by a couple of people walking on the Raptor Center trail. I hope to get back tomorrow and get pictures in better light.

As far as I know, this is the first winter report of a Wood Duck for Sitka. It’s considered very rare in Southeast Alaska for this season.

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