Wintering Birds

Occasional showers and temperatures in the 30s. Precipitation fell as a mix of rain and snow. Although there was minimal accumulation in the central part of town, out at Starrigavan I noticed more slushy snow on the road. I went for a drive early this afternoon to look around. A small area of open water … Read more

December Snow Showers

Temperatures climbed into the 40s today. It had rained overnight. Despite the warmer temperatures, what precipitation fell during daylight hours included a fair amount of snow. This evening graupel and snow showers moved over with some rain mixed in at times. There was little accumulation by the time I called it good for the day. … Read more

Colorful Winter Sunrise

Mostly cloudy throughout the day. Calm winds and little or no precipitation. Temperatures warmed to the mid 30s. A colorful sunrise drew me out first thing (for me) this morning. I suspect I missed the most intense color. However, I was able to see a less intense pink across much of the sky. Clouds were … Read more

Snowy December Day

Overcast with minimal wind away from the water. Temperatures in the mid-30s. Occasional light snow. I was over at the channel this morning and surprised to see a couple of folks stand up paddle boarding down the channel during a snow flurry. While there I noticed a dense group of mostly gulls really going at … Read more

Sitka Nature Show #251 – Leslie Harris (encore)

Download Radio Show The December 5th show featured a conversation originally recorded and aired in Fall 2019. I spoke with Leslie Harris, a polychaete specialist based at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. Leslie has an infectious enthusiasm for all things polychaete, and we spoke about their diversity of life history and form, … Read more

Snowy Starrigavan High Tide

Mostly clear through the first half of the day, then clouds and a few light snow showers later. I braved the roads to check Starrigavan at high tide. Today’s high was predicted to be 12.8 ft. This is about what it got to last month with some atmospheric assist. Things were working in the other … Read more