First Mountain Snow

Overcast. Showers increasing in frequency later in the day. Temperatures in the 50s again, though it was down to the mid 40s overnight. When the clouds lifted just enough, I saw snow above abou 4000 feet on the mountains. The first snow I’ve seen this fall. Overall this October has been quite warm so far. … Read more

October Birds and Foliage

Heavy clouds with rain through the first part of the day. The sun came out later in the afternoon. Yesterday’s high of 61F tied the record last reached in 2015 (though I didn’t note it at the time). I think today was not quite as warm, but temperatures remained in the 50s. At first I … Read more

Sitka Nature Show #273 – Joanna Young

Download Radio Show The October 9th show featured a conversation with glaciologist (and Scientist in Residence Fellow at the Science Center) Joanna Young, who studies the downstream effects of retreating glaciers. We spoke about her work on glaciers, as well as her involvement with Girls on Ice Alaska, a program of Inspiring Girls Expeditions. If … Read more

Fall Made in Sitka Market

Heavy clouds and rain. Temperatures continued in the upper 50s to around 60F. Today was a fall market run by the same folks who organized the tourist markets I did during the summer. After checking the porch for moths (I found a couple), I packed my stuff up and went get set up. By the … Read more

Sunny Day around Sitka

Sunny with light breezes warming into the upper 50s. With rain forecast to return tomorrow, I ended up spending most of the day outside in the sun. I had calls for the morning, but went for a walk while on them. First stop was Swan Lake, I saw the coot but not the Pied-billed Grebe. … Read more

Clearing Weather

Cloudy early becoming partly cloudy to mostly sunny. Temperatures into the low 60s. Yesterday’s high of 66F broke the record for the date. The previous high of 65F was set in 1964. I went out the road this afternoon. I had intended to walk around the estuary loop and see if there might be a … Read more