Afternoon Walk to Totem Park

[Photojournal from Saturday, April 10th] Another day with new snow accumulating. The first time I woke and looked outside, it didn’t appear to be snowy. When I woke again later, the snow was falling, and by the time I got up, an inch or two had accumulated.

Herring Spawn and Evening Light

So it went through the day – snow showers interspersed with sunny breaks. I saw evidence of herring spawn scattered from at least Sea Mart to Halibut Point Marine. The clouds lifted this evening, so I headed out again and got my pictures of Verstovia. It turned out to be very nice light, so I stayed out for pictures of the sunset.

Sunny Day and Spawning Herring

The forecast sun did arrive, though not quite as fully as I might have anticipated based on the ‘mostly sunny’ wording. The smell of herring was strong in the air. The color of the water suggested herring were spawning from the science center around to the mouth of Indian River.

Herring Spawn at the Park

Calm with occasional snow showers (heavy at times, but quickly melting). Winter is hanging on. I noticed the gulls seemed especially active on the beach by the big tidepools. I suspected some herring were there, and decided to walk out and take a look.