Starrigavan High

Steady rain through much of the day, though rarely very heavy. Breezy on the water, but I didn’t notice it much where I was out and about. I headed out to Starrigavan for the high tide again today. This time my timing was not confused. The prediction was for a bit higher than yesterday. A … Read more

Mistimed Tide

Overcast and occasional rain. High was near 50F. It was raining when I stepped out to check for moths last night. I didn’t find any, but there could still be some stragglers that show up. Later in the month or early in November I expect the winter moths (Operophtera occidentalis) will start showing up. Today’s … Read more

Midday Birds at the Beach

Mostly sunny this morning with increasing clouds leading to mostly cloudy in the afternoon and overcast this evening. Official temperatures fell to 35F overnight (still plenty frosty at my house), and highs to around 50F. It was departure day for Connor and Rowan. I dropped them off at the airport for their noon flight headed … Read more

Walk around Town

Cloudless skies and chilly this morning, with temperatures warming to around 50. Calm this morning with a decent breeze this afternoon out of the north/northwest. This morning’s official low looks like it was 34F, which ties the record low for the date. I was a little surprised to realize that only 9 years have seen … Read more

October Frost and Sun

Clear skies and cooler. Low overnight was in the 30s and there was a fair bit of frost around the house early. Yesterday’s high was 48F, the first day since May 28th that it did not reach 50F. Today was the first clear day where the mountains were all visible that I can remember in … Read more