Sunny Day and Spawning Herring

The forecast sun did arrive, though not quite as fully as I might have anticipated based on the ‘mostly sunny’ wording. The smell of herring was strong in the air. The color of the water suggested herring were spawning from the science center around to the mouth of Indian River.

Herring Spawn at the Park

Calm with occasional snow showers (heavy at times, but quickly melting). Winter is hanging on. I noticed the gulls seemed especially active on the beach by the big tidepools. I suspected some herring were there, and decided to walk out and take a look.

Rainy Day Birds

Heavy clouds and drizzle with light winds through much of the day. This evening the rain stopped and clouds thinned a bit. When I went to take a look for reported Pine Grosbeaks, I found four of them feeding on mountain ash berries that had fallen to the ground.

Whale Watching

Generally calm winds, mostly low clouds, and occasional drizzle and/or showers. I spent the latter part of the morning out watching and photographing whales around Eastern Channel.