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  1. Hi, I stumbled into your website researching alaska flowers for a booklet i’m preparing for my grandson (age 3) and his brother. I’m a retired biology teacher and have been to Alaska a couple of times, planning a family reunion / cruise to there in Aug., and funny, currintly reading a book about Sitka by Charbon, called the Yiddish Policeman’s Union. Heard of it?
    Anyway, I started to paste some of your photos into my word document for later reference and use, then thought I should ask if this is okay. Wonderful photos, but am more interested in the botany/ecology of flowering plants. Some have amazing biographies including fraud and deception. Thanks for sharing your amazing photography and travels. Makes me want to go back and roam about Sitka. Wish I were 20 years younger. MaryAnn

  2. Thanks for your interest and kind words. I have heard of the book you mention, though I have not read it. You are correct that many of the plants have fascinating natural histories. I am hoping to include some of them in the vascular plant species pages I’m slowing getting put together.

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