Sitka Nature Show #241 – Alia Lesnek

Download Radio Show The July 18th show featured a conversation with Quaternary geologist Alia Lesnek. We spoke about her work investigating the timing of glacial retreat in Southeast Alaska, as well what raised marine clam beds tell us about ancient sea levels, and her recent experience in Sitka looking at ash and basalt from the … Read more

Sitka Nature Show #240 – Matt Muir

Download Radio Show The July 4th show featured a conversation with Matt Muir, who I know as an avid iNaturalist user. He lives in Anchorage and was visiting Sitka with his family to get a taste of Southeast Alaska (scheduling the trip in part to take advantage of a low tide series). Among other things, … Read more

North Halibut Point Rec at Low Tide

Low overcast and fog this morning, with calm winds. Clouds lifted through the morning with partial clearing this afternoon. I went out for low tide this morning with Connor. We parked at the north end of Halibut Point Rec and checked the rocky shoreline near there. (I hadn’t realized how much eelgrass there is out … Read more

Tidepooling in Heavy Rain

Very rainy with gusty winds early. Winds and rain tapering off through the day. Temperatures warmed into the lower 60s overnight, but dropped down to the upper 50s this morning. My day started early, as I had agreed to meet PN, and visiting iNaturalist user @muir to head out for low tide. If weather permitted … Read more

Cedar Waxwings at the Golf Course

Overcast this morning, with rain starting this afternoon. Given the forecast for rain later in the day, I decided to get out this morning. Folks have reported Cedar Waxwings at Starrigavan lately, so initially I was thinking I would go there. I did drive out there, but then decided to spend my time at the … Read more