Motivated by Mystery Birds

Continued overcast and windy. I think there were stronger gusts overnight and this morning than the past couple of days, but diminishing through the afternoon. Rain began this afternoon. Today’s outside activities were largely motivated by mystery birds. I added a third mystery bird for the month to my queue. This one courtesy of a … Read more

Starrigavan Sunny Break

Previously unpublished photojournal from September 29th Occasional showers. Short-lived sun breaks did show up, but tended to be small in extent. Winds were fairly calm at the house, but appeared to be up a bit on the water. This afternoon I drove out to Starrigavan. My visit coincided with one of the brief sunny breaks. … Read more

Gusty Winds on a Fall Day

Continued overcast with gusty winds. Temperatures were into the lower 50s. A very light sprinkle of rain at times. Not enough to wet the ground. While on a call this morning, through the north facing window I noticed a non-eagle raptor fighting the wind. It did not stick around long, but I was able to … Read more

Kramer Avenue Wandering

Sunny skies this morning, with clouds building through the day. The clouds started with a thin high haze overhead by late morning, but thickened and differentiated a bit into the evening. Temperatures overnight cooled sufficiently for ice to form on the water in buckets around my house. They warmed to the upper 40s during the … Read more

Colors of Fall

Clear and seasonably cool. Frost was out this morning, and temperatures reached the upper 40s. Winds were calm to light, depending on the location. By the time I got out, it was early in the afternoon. I had considered just going for a walk around town, but realized I could drop some stuff off at … Read more