Spring Weather

Sunny and warmer. Breezy this afternoon. Temperatures got to 56F, easily the warmest day of the year so far. When I stepped out on the porch this morning, I noticed white-cheeks (the junco) in my side yard. It’s getting late in the year, but I think chances are still good that the bird will move … Read more

Setting Moon, Spring Migrants

Sunny and warmer, with temperatures up into the low 50s. Breezy this afternoon. I got up early to see the moonset. I didn’t use an alarm, but did wake up more often during the night in anticipation of getting up early. At 5:15am thought I could sleep once more time, but then didn’t wake up … Read more

Point Brown and North Sitka Sound

Partly cloudy and calm. The official temperature topped out at 49F, the warmest it’s been since last Sunday. I spent the middle part of the day on a boat trip with a short stop at Point Brown. I got picked up at the work float and we went through the channel. Only a few cormorants … Read more

Golf Course Birds

Mostly sunny, temperatures in the 40s, light winds. Quite similar to yesterday. Clouds mostly stayed out offshore to the southwest and further to the north. A few did end up over the mountains. I was considering where to go today and got a message about kestrel at the golf course. On the 7th fairway I … Read more

Continuing Sun, Full Moon

Sunny and cool pattern continued. Calm winds through this morning with a little breeze picking up in the afternoon into evening. Clouds appeared on the horizon, but mostly stayed out away from town. Some moved in from the north, but broke up. Yesterday’s low of 29F tying a record for the date (previously reached in … Read more

Zero Cloud Day

The Sunny and cool weather pattern continued, though winds seemed to be a bit less. Today’s high was 47F. It dropped down to 29F last night, colder than recent nights (calm winds probably helped). It was calm when I headed out this morning and temperatures were warming rapidly in the sun. I could not see … Read more