Indian River High Water

Another 2+ inches of rain fall yesterday, raising water levels again. After learning about the Indian River stream gauge page, I tracked it throughout the day to help decide when I would go check out the water levels at Indian River. I ended up heading down there a bit after 4pm, and it was clear … Read more


Fog formed over the cooler water of Indian River I’m not sure, but I think the 3.8 inches of rain that fell Sunday set a record for the date. Saturday had merely 1.24 inches while today was a practically Atacama-like .5 inches. With this rainfall, we’ve already eclipsed the 30-year average rainfall for August (6.3 … Read more

May Rain

Spruce pollen washed in to a small puddle during a May rain and was left to dry The last three days of May this year doubled the rainfall total for the month. Given that we’re in a rain forest here, you might think that meant a substantial storm, but the reality is just a touch … Read more

Pastel Sunset

Although I don’t think today’s rain was ever heavy, it was steady. It made it easier for me stay inside and do more work catching up. Today’s efforts were directed more to dealing with various small critters, most of them moths, that I had accumulated over some weeks but not dealt with properly yet. I’m … Read more