Pastel Sunset

Although I don’t think today’s rain was ever heavy, it was steady. It made it easier for me stay inside and do more work catching up. Today’s efforts were directed more to dealing with various small critters, most of them moths, that I had accumulated over some weeks but not dealt with properly yet. I’m not much of a collector, but I do try to take care of some things to help out the collection of the museum in Fairbanks.

By the time I took care of the collections and did some adding/updating of species pages to the wiki, it was time to get ready for the closing activity for an ethnobotany gathering that has been taking place in Sitka the past couple of days. I wasn’t feeling super inspired to go anywhere, but had agreed to be there for the Kayaani commission table. In the end, I was glad I had the opportunity to go. I got to meet and talk with some interesting folks.

While I was in the community house for the gathering, the clouds broke and the sun started shining a bit. I was able to get out to SeaMart around the time the sun was setting and enjoyed seeing the pastel colors of the sunset. It seems like it’s often the case when the clouds break just before sunset that the sky is still holding some of that rain and there is a certain softness to how things appear. This evening there was that and the muted colors besides. It made for a compelling sunset to my eyes and I was glad I had my camera (even though I hadn’t expected to take any picture today).

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