Starrigavan at Flood Tide

Connor, Rowan, and I took a brief trip out to Starrigavan today to see the high tide. With a predicted high of 12.2 and observed levels this morning that were pushing over half a foot above predicted, I thought there was a good chance we would find the water higher than it had been through … Read more

Starrigavan Estuary

We visited Starrigavan Estuary again to see if the high tide was similar to the one yesterday. I was interested to find that it was distinctly lower, despite a prediction of very similar heights. I also wanted to get pictures of the Canada Geese – a few of them seemed distinctly shorter-necked than the others. … Read more

Highest Tide of the Year (so far)

With a predicted 12.5+ tide, I thought it would be interesting to check out Starrigavan and see if any voles were scrambling for high ground around the estuary (and perhaps attracting predators that might be interesting to observer). No luck on that, but it was fun to see the water level right up over the … Read more