Sit Spot

I’ve decided to try and get more regular with a sit spot routine. Ideally I would spend 20-30 minutes per day just sitting and paying attention, but in practice I’m just trying to start by taking even a minute or two to step outside and pay attention with as many of my senses as I can manage. In order to make it most convenient, I’m choosing to use my yard – primarily the south side of my house, though at times I may venture over into the larger part of the yard on the east.

Today I spent 10 minutes sitting right around sunset. It was cloudy and the wind had not yet picked up (as it did later this evening), but there was still an occasional light gust. I think the juncos had already moved through to roost, but there were quite a few robins moving back and forth along Biorka Street. I heard them at first, but then saw them flying first to the large alders south of my place, then back to the southwest. It seemed like maybe 20 or more were moving around over there, but my view was limited, so I’m not sure where exactly they were going. I think maybe some of them might roost in Olmstead’s big spruce on the corner of Park and Biorka.

2 thoughts on “Sit Spot”

  1. I enjoy my sit spots, too. I never seem to have enough time. Like you, I often settle for just standing outside for a few minutes and paying attention to whatever is happening around me.

  2. Thanks Carolyn – it’s good to hear from you. It took me a while (maybe longer than it should have), that sometimes it’s enough to just start by stepping out the door with the intention to pay attention, even if for just a moment. I think I’ve let the feeling that I needed to spend a good amount of time out there keep me from getting started at all (at least with the sit spot routine). So in the past week or so, I’ve set as my goal to even spend just a few moments out trying to tune into my senses. The first few days, a minute or two was all I managed, but the last couple I’ve sat for ten. Progress!

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