Shoreline Rocks, Shells and Lichens

Mostly clear this morning. Clouds slowly moved over from the south through the late morning and afternoon. Calm winds and temperatures in the low to mid 30s.

The past couple of days I’ve heard White-crowned Sparrows singing in the yard. Juncos have been singing for awhile during the sunny patches. None of it sounds like actual territorial singing. It’s more practice for what’s to come.

Longline season opened on the 10th, though I don’t think many boats have returned with deliveries just yet. I suspect by the weekend we’ll be seeing many more gulls in the channel.

Reviewing photos from the buoy today, I noticed lights showing up in the far distance. I’m guessing they’re longliners waiting while their lines soaked.

I checked some of the usual places today for birds, but didn’t see too much.

I noticed a couple of sea lions with some gulls hanging out by Little Magic Island. I am guessing the gulls are hoping for scraps if the sea lions bring up any fish. This is not the first time I’ve seen gulls doing this in recent days. I suspect once there is more food readily available, they won’t follow the sea lions so much.

I poked around on the rocks below the kelp patch pullout. I found a large conch shell that I’m guessing is not native to this area. I suspect it’s been on the beach for years.

The tide getting high and still coming up. I did look at some of the high intertidal snails and limpets.

I also checked out lichens on long-stranded driftwood and the highest intertidal rocks.

Although the rocks are mostly head-sized and larger, and this is a location I would not expect to get too much wave action (not like Sandy Beach), everything seems quite eroded.

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