Evening Light

Clear and cool, temperatures into the mid 30s. Breezy in some locations, but much reduced from yesterday.

I drove out the road around midday. Driving along, I noticed a few gulls and cormorants had gathered near where a sea lion surfaced a couple of times. I didn’t stop to watch.

I stopped by the Sealing Cove hawthorne tree. Three White-crowned Sparrows and a Golden-crowned Sparrow came along foraging in the patches of grass that were snow free.

I counted ten robins working the two strips of lawn showing along the road and along the parking lot.

I heard what may have been a finch of some sort calling. It sounded to me like it was coming from the trees on the hill where the old watertower stands. I wasn’t sure what the bird was, and never got a look at it.

On an afternoon walk around Japonski Island I didn’t notice it.

I didn’t spend long looking, but didn’t notice any swans at Starrigavan today.

It was a pleasant evening a Moller Park (with plenty of daylight at 5:30pm after the time change). Connor showed up late, and no one else showed at all. He and I played catch for a bit.

Connor noticed the Sandhill Crane flying over the old hospital towards the turnaround. I went by there to take some pictures. I suspect it will soon begin wandering from where it’s spent the winter, and (hopefully) eventually join up with a flock of cranes flying north.

A look at the channel did not reveal a Ring-necked Duck. Perhaps if it’s still around and the lake opens up a bit later in the week, it will show up there.

The scaups were back in the middle of the channel this evening. I hadn’t seen them earlier in the day, and am not sure where they were.

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