Lichens on a Downed Hemlock

Mostly cloudy becoming overcast with occasional light rain. Calm winds.

This afternoon I drove out to Silver Bay.

Sawmill Cove was quiet during the few minutes I spent watching there.

A few small groups of Common Murres were out on Silver Bay and into Eastern Channel. At couple were well transitioned into summer plumage.

I had previously noticed a downed hemlock outside the railing a bit beyond Whale Park.

I parked at Whale Park and walked out to the hemlock.

I thought I might find some dwarf mistletoe, and then wanted to look for other epiphytes.

I was not disappointed on either count.

Though easy to overlook on a first glance, I saw several sprigs of dwarf mistle growing from the branches. I’m curious what blooms and/or seeds look like. I suspect I would need to find it on an intact tree later in the year.

I investigated only one of the branches that had been near the top of the tree. A few lichens I recognized, and several others I did not. I photographed and collected a handful. I left with some intention to return and investigate further.

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