Sunny April Day Around the Neighborhood

Mostly sunny, with clouds building later in the afternoon. Late in the evening it rained. Breezy with temperatures in the 40s. Although I had a call this morning, the sunny weather compelled me to get out. I planned to go down to the park and look for shorebirds. I wasn’t expecting anything new other than … Read more

April Sun, Showers, and Rainbows

Windy and rainy through the first part of the day. Around mid afternoon it shifted to more of a showery regime, with brief sunny breaks between the mix of rain, snow, and graupel. Seas at the buoy peaked at 20ft overnight and gradually diminished through the day. I didn’t venture out until the rain had … Read more

Blustery Gray Day

Overcast and breezy. Rain for a bit this afternoon. Even more brief sunny break this evening. This morning was the FoodWeb cruise trip fundraiser for Sitka WhaleFest. We went out Middle Channel towards Vitskari, over to Inner Point, then up to Kamenoi and off Brent’s Beach, before heading back by going inside Middle Island and … Read more

April Opens Overcast

Overcast and rain falling through midafternoon. A few small cloud breaks allowed sun to shine through before it became overcast again. My only significant time outside was later this afternoon. I saw reports on ebird of the Purple Finch still around. I thought it may have left after not seeing any reports for a week … Read more