Snowy December Day

Overcast with minimal wind away from the water. Temperatures in the mid-30s. Occasional light snow.

I was over at the channel this morning and surprised to see a couple of folks stand up paddle boarding down the channel during a snow flurry.

While there I noticed a dense group of mostly gulls really going at something.

When I first got glimpses of something pale they appeared to be attracting, I wondered if something had happened to an adult gull, and they were pecking at it to eat. That would have been a surprise.

As I watched, I realized it was almost certainly a deer hide floating on the surface with the inner part facing up.

Once the hide had drifted close to shore, ravens joined in as well.

I walked down through Crescent Harbor an around the park this afternoon. It’s been a month or more since I last walked through the park. When they got serious about closing the trails I stopped going (even though I could have walked out on the beach).

The tide was high, so not much exposed beach. Predicted to be 12.8ft, it was a little more than a foot below that. Had there been any sort of atmospheric lift to the tides this weekend, I suspect they could easily have been the highest of the year. Tonight’s low bottomed out at -3.7 ft, so didn’t quite match yesterday’s -3.8.

We played ultimate this evening in the snow. Running was more strenuous than usual, but it was fun. I think everyone but me had at least one layout (dive) going for a catch (some had several). It’s a lot less physically punishing to land in the soft snow than on the turf (plus it’s more slippery).

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