Colorful Winter Sunrise

Mostly cloudy throughout the day. Calm winds and little or no precipitation. Temperatures warmed to the mid 30s.

A colorful sunrise drew me out first thing (for me) this morning.

I suspect I missed the most intense color. However, I was able to see a less intense pink across much of the sky.

Clouds were situated so I never actually saw the sun. Before it topped the mountains to the southeast, it disappeared behind clouds.

Some of the mountain peaks and points further north did have a direct line of visibility far enough to extend beyond the clouds.

I first walked to Crescent Harbor, then over to O’Connell Bridge before cutting through downtown to stop by Swan Lake.

Downtown I paused to record a raven calling from the top of a light post. It reminded me a bit of the calls I heard the other day, though the context was different. I also think these calls were louder.

At Swan Lake only a small opening at the inflow remained. Three or four mallards, a Northern Pintail, one Ring-necked Duck, and one American Coot were holding out.

My iNaturalist Observations for Today

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