Old Airport Road and Lazaria Drive

Mostly cloudy for much of the day with some clearing this evening and mostly clear later in the evening.

It felt quite warm this morning when I stepped outside. Temperatures were already near 60, and topped out in the mid 60s.

I made it over to the airport this afternoon to see if the Cedar Waxwings might be around. Although ten were reported this morning (on Japonski Island, so perhaps not at the airport), I didn’t notice any on my Lazaria Drive and Old Airport road loop.

When I arrived at Lazaria Drive, the robins seemed pretty stirred up. My sense was it was territorial, with singing, and some intraspecies encounters, but I’m not entirely sure. There was a fair amount of noise from a large military plane with propeller engines that had landed at the airport shortly before. (It didn’t stay long, and never turned off its engines while on the ground.)

Salmonberries are starting to turn yellow/red, but I’ve not seen any ripe yet.

For the first time this season it looked snow was off parts of the slope meadows below Picnic Rock.

There was a good turnout at ultimate this evening. I did a lot more running than I’m used to, but hopefully won’t pay for it with soreness tomorrow.

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