May Showers Bring June Flowers?

Mostly heavy overcast and wet. There were a few breaks, but mostly conditions seemed to vary between light drizzle, drizzle, and rain showers. Temperatures were in the upper 50s, making it feel much more like summer rain than spring rain. As I write this in the evening, it looks like the day will end up … Read more

Late May Outings

Overcast and warmer with some rain this morning, and thinning clouds this afternoon. It got into the upper 50s today, which made it feel a bit more like summer overcast and rain, despite the snow still lingering on the mountains. (Harbor Mountain road is still closed at the second gate, and the snow depth at … Read more

Morning Low Tide Visit to Totem Park

Mostly cloudy and breezy. Thin clouds into the early afternoon allowed the sun to shine through and temperatures climbed into at least the mid-50s. A slight bit of rain fell this evening. Today’s relatively sunny weather and somewhat warmer temperatures felt nice after the past several days of cooler temperatures. Even the steady southeast wind … Read more

Low Tide Reds

Cloudy and rainy for much of the day. Winds were up from recent days, but not especially strong where I was out and about. With this morning’s low predicted to be -3.1ft shortly after 9am, I decided to get out and see what I could find at the beach. I didn’t get an early start, … Read more

Low Tide at No Thorofare Bay

May gray continued today. Although the forecast mostly cloudy, what seemed to be a marine stratus layer persisted throughout, with only a couple of very small spots of blue showing through a couple of times that I noticed. Satellite imagery showed it was clear on the east side of the island, however. This morning was … Read more

Golf Course Frogs

Overcast this morning, becoming mostly cloudy later in the day. Winds were fairly calm when I was out and about. With the mostly gray May we’ve been having, it’s easy to forget that we’re less than a month from summer solstice. I haven’t really been paying that much attention to when it gets dark, so … Read more