Lunar Corona

I was still feeling the effects of yesterday’s long day and inadequate sleep in the days leading up to it.

I did get out for a bit this afternoon. Cool and breezy conditions combined with feeling tired resulted in me I running out of motivation quickly.

I stopped by the cemetery at the end of Baranof Street briefly. I thought it might be sheltered from the wind, but not as much as I had hoped, so went back home.

This evening there was a nice corona around the moon – but I haven’t figured out the best way to capture it in a photo. I just tried with long telephoto lenses, but perhaps it’s better to go wider and let it show up in a broader context with the moon blown out.

Long telephoto (800mm) exposed to see the moon well, no corona.

Shorter telephoto (210mm) exposed to get detail in moon; boosting exposure of darker areas reveals a bit of the corona (with lots of noise)

Shorter yet (135mm) exposed to keep some detail in the moon; boosting exposure of darker reveals more of the corona (still much noise)

Once again at 135mm, letting the moon blow out; now corona is well visible with much less noise

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