Walk Around the Park

Skies had started clearing last night when I went to bed. There was a clear corona around the just starting to wane moon. It was less easy to take clear photos of it, and I wasn’t feeling energetic enough to work very hard at it, but I did take a few.

Partly cloudy skies this morning trended towards mostly cloudy this afternoon. Forecast showers never showed up in town (or where I was, at least), but I don’t know about elsewhere in the area.

Despite the relatively clear conditions, temperatures did not drop much below freezing.

I walked around the park late this morning. The tide was already up, so I didn’t see much out on the beach.

I did notice the Wood Duck in the estuary. Also a couple of the Canada Geese I’ve seen others reporting, but had yet to see myself.

One of the larger trees on the ocean side of the park blew over recently. I had previously seen large Ganoderma oregonense growing on it – no doubt a contributing part of the extensive rot through the core. Given how thin the non-rotten wood appears to be, I’m a little surprised it lasted as long as it did, but the tree was still alive when it fell.

As I was walking down Park Street on my way, I heard Pine Siskins, the first of the year for me.

A Bohemian Waxwing perched up in the tall spruce behind the old church building on he corner of Park and Oja. If I had been quicker, I might have been able to get a picture of it with the hummingbird that popped up and appeared to give a short stare. In my imagination, the hummingbird was a bit offended that the waxwing showed up at its perch.

I felt a bit tired and/or unmotivated this afternoon and evening. I’m guessing it’s lingering effects of the trip (and disrupted sleep prior to it), and hoping it will fade soon. Despite this, I did manage to make progress on getting the past eight radio shows uploaded and ready to add to archive (something I’ve been remiss in keeping up with since October).

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