Early Evening Clouds

Today was somewhat unexpectedly filled with calls, but I did get out early this evening (still daylight thanks our approach to the spring equinox with an assist from daylight savings time).

My main goal was to go to the grocery store, but it also happened to be a time when the clouds had broken up a bit, so the sun was shining through and making for some nice light on the clouds.

I made a stop at Pioneer Park and checked out a few trees to look for Ochrolechia, but did not happen to notice any. I had intended to spend more time looking around more, but didn’t end up having time so may try to get out in the next couple of days to see what I can find.

The past couple of days I noticed the tides were running pretty close even for each pair of high and low. It’s only sometime within the last couple of years that I realized the spring tide series around each equinox goes to even (by which I mean each of the two daily highs is similar, as are the lows). Most of the year, one high (low) is significantly higher (lower) than the other. This season marks the transition between highest high happening around midday (fall-winter) to it happening after midnight (spring-summer). Similarly lowest lows shift from morning to evening.

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