Chaotic Prelude to Spring Symphony

Leaving the house late this morning and walking down Biorka Street, I was struck by the amount of bird song I was hearing. In some ways this time of year might be the most active for bird songs (though not the time with the most diverse set of songs) – species wintering around town have not yet dispersed but have started to sing (juncos and Varied Thrush). The Song Sparrows have also started to sing. The songs come across as more chaotic than they will once we really get into spring, but it’s a nice prelude to the coming season.

No photos today, but I did go for a walk to downtown around midday, and then a drive later in the afternoon.

It snowed off and on throughout the day with little accumulation, and by this evening had turned to rain.

Rain is in the forecast for the next few days before it clears up Thursday and the bottom drops out Thursday night with a forecast low of 18F. Fortunately, it doesn’t seem like any of the plants have developed too far, so hopefully there will be little or no frost damage to the flowers of the blueberries and salmonberries.

I spent a good chunk of the late afternoon publishing photojournal posts from early January and this evening working on a blog post about the 48 day stretch of measurable precipitation, a new record for the airport. With all the rain, I’ve done pretty well at keeping up and making progress catching up with weblog and photos, but time will tell how well I do when the warm sunny days start showing up.

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