Sitka Nature Show #132 – Richard Nelson

Download Radio Show The May 28th show featured a conversation with Richard Nelson (conversation starts at about 1:45). We listened to recordings of birds we had recorded, and puzzled over some of the mysterious vocalizations and variations in song that can sometimes be heard. If you have any mystery recordings of birds (or other creatures) … Read more

Spring Birding and Flowers

I was hoping today’s forecast for light winds held up, but it did not work out that way. Although it was by no means stormy, there was a bit of a swell coming in and enough wind to lift up a chop on top of that. With cool temperatures and rain, it did not turn … Read more

Sitka Nature Show #131 – Alan Verde

Download Radio Show The May 14th show featured a conversation with Alan Verde, who is in town as a Scientist in Residence at the Sitka Sound Science Center. We spoke about sea anemones (with a little bit about other cnidarians mixed in), with a focus on Anthopleura elegantissima, a species with some interesting traits that … Read more

Misty Morning

Sometimes the atmosphere lays heavy on the land and water. Cool, still air, heavy with humidity combines with the low hanging shape-obscuring and color-muting clouds to create an almost dream-like feeling where everything seems far away. Even nearby activity takes on the muffled sound of distance. While these conditions probably do occur at other times … Read more

Milder than Forecast

Although Sunday is often a day I try to get out a bit farther away from home, the forecast was for rain and wind, so I didn’t plan to do much. As it turned out, the wind seemed pretty light around town (as well as where I could see on the water). Only the lightest … Read more