Sunny Day, Crescent Moon

Although the weather cleared up again today, I was busy with multiple calls for work, and only had a short time outside. In order to have a comparison for an odd Lobaria I picked up yesterday, I walked up to the Baranof Street Cemetery to get a piece of the only Lobaria pulmonaria I’m currently aware of. While there, I made observations of a couple of bryophytes that are familiar to me, and spent a little time investigating the epiphytes on pines near the start of the Baranof Street connector to the Cross Trail (f.k.a Gavan Hill Trail).

Although clouds were forecast to move in this evening, I was hoping they would hold off long enough for me to check out the sunset at the bridge. It was not to be. I’m not sure if the sun is setting behind Kruzof Island yet, but it’s got to be pretty close. This transition marks the end of green flash chasing season for me. I’ll try to do a write up of my efforts this year. It was my best year so far, and I learned quite a bit about the movement of the sun during the two months after winter solstice. A nice consolation was seeing a thumbnail crescent shortly before it dropped behind the encroaching clouds.

This evening I took pictures of collections from prior days.

This morning Connor saw a Pine Grosbeak down on the corner of Park and Biorka Street. I was a little put out that I did not get notified of this fact until a couple of hours later (I had mentioned to Connor several times this year I wanted to see a Pine Grosbeak). This isn’t the first time I’ve been annoyed when Connor (or Rowan) didn’t let me know about a bird in a timely fashion. I told them (somewhat tongue-in-cheek) that they’ll look back on their growing up years and say the only time their dad got upset at them was when they didn’t tell him about a bird right away.

iNaturalist observations for today

(many more photos to come)

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